Do you have plans on doing more stories, besides Devil of the Woods and Carl Butcher? Carl will continue, and I have a few ideas I'm kicking around. The response to Devil of the Woods has got me thinking about a sequel.

Would you please tell us what you used for the tree trunks? The bark on them is perfect for scale. They are the real things! I went looking for branches that "looked right". The tree branches were made from plants I got at our local craft store. I made the trees using the same technique as how fake ficus trees are made.

So how long does it take to do a photo story?

That really depends on how many sets you need to build and how detailed the story is. I started Devil of the woods in January 2003, were as some of the Carl stuff was done in a month.

What did you use to dye the fur?
RIT dye, with some watered down brown acryllic paint to get the right tones.

Where did you find all the props? Or, did you make them?
I'm always on the prowl for 1/6 items. I never look for what I currently need, but what I can use in the future. A lot of the items in Carlsons (DOTW) were hand made, as was the dumpster.

What did you use for backdrops? Did you print them yourself, or find some R/R backdrops?
I use scenery prints, then stack the front with fake foliage. I never super impose backgrounds.

Where'd you find the soup cans? Is there a site with printable labels? has some great stuff, But most of the stuff I made. The soup cans are wooden spools painted silver, which I put a label on.

Why didn't you use more close-ups of the figures? Is there a problem with different distances? Like focusing? Web space is the determining factor. I need to get as much in, in as little space as possible. If I can fit two figures in a shot, it takes up less space than 2 shots for the same conversation. Consistency of PIC size is another. Paper comics are different from web comics. An artist needs to draw the entire book. I can set up a locale and move the figures around. Many artists do close ups to save on having to draw as much. Many of them have deadlines to make! Another factor is, I have many people who like seeing the entire set from various angles.

I noticed all your shots are clear and crisp, with a very bright lighting level. No rays of light through the forest, no dim corners in rooms. Is that just a creative choice, or did it prove to daunting to do varying light levels? I guess you can say creative choice. It just looks "right" to me. I choose the lighting for each situation.

For your night shots, which worked better, darkening the shots in post, or taking them in dimmer conditions? I shoot my night shots in the dark, and use the appropriate camera settings, and a spotlight I built for them. I'm still trying to improve on this, though.
As a matter of fact, I shoot all my PICS at night!

What's up with the Maine Mariners Calder Cup Champ calendar in Carlsons.
I'm originally from Maine, and I was a HUGE Mariners fan. I like to pop little personal items in the sets.