The first set piece is of the center seat or as it's better known, the Captains chair.

The lights on the chair are actual working lights.

Built using the Mcmasters blueprints, I used faux leather (very soft) to upholster the seats along with padding.

Below Is the first fitting of the helm. The sides have been puttied and are ready for sanding. I will sand the edges to a nice crisp edge, prime with paint and sand again. The captains chair took 10 days to build. I'm expecting the same amount of time for the helm.

Here's the same piece 95% done. I still have some buttons and such to put on.

Below is the first attempt at building the bridge. It was made primarily of wood. This resulted in it weighing a lot

which made moving it difficult. The bridge in 1/6 scale is 5 feet in diameter.

Below is the second attempt at building the bridge. It was built primarily with foam core and matte board. After completion I noticed I had put

the back panels in upside down. It still looked nice, but the panels really bothered me.

The completed bridge with low lighting:

Here I am with the completed set at Joe-Lanta. The bridge took first prize in the diorama class.


I'm very proud that the original set won at Joelanta, but I was unhappy with the overall details. I truly felt I could do better. Without going into all the things that bothered me about the set, I felt strongly enough to start again. The new bridge isn't 100% done, but I thought I would share a couple of pics of what is completed, You'll notice there's an additional station also. A big thanks goes to Ron Meyer, who designed all the backsplash monitors on the bridge. Awesome job Ron, Thanks!

Here it is:

I often get asked why I do not add lights to the buttons and the panels. These sets were built for photo stories. The blinking lights don't show very well in an individual picture.

In many of the pics you don't really see that there are lighted panels in the alcove and foot panels. If I was building a true diorama replica for display, I would. Even then looking

at the series, they seemed to only add lighted buttons when the script called for it.

Here is an up close look at the engineering station:

One thing often asked is, "How do you store this set?"

Here's the answer:

Alas, set number three would not survive. It was severly damaged and could not be saved. Miraculously the command console has survived all three incarnations. Here is the fate of each set.

#1- Left partially unbuilt and given away to a fan except for center command section.

#2- Completed and won the 2005 Joelanta dioram section. Was dismantled and parts from that were used in build number 3.

#3- Using parts from second build a much better attempt was made. Before it was ever used in any story shots it fell victim to a storage accident and was so badly damaged

it could not be saved. The center command section has survived all incarnations.

That brings us to set number 4. In the spring of 2013 I decided to tackle and complete the bridge once and for all. Not a 3/4 completion but a 100% completion using my best efforts.

I dug out my Mcmaster plans and the molds that I had made for the previous sets and set to work. I had taken photo's of my step by step progress and have posted them here:

Once again the center command section would be used as a starting point. Taking ten 12 hour days this is the final result:

With the lights out.

With the bridge completed I would finally be able to launch the USS Constitution NCC-1700.

I was then able to focus on building the next set which would be the Shuttlecraft Hercules. Below is a link to the build:


Here is a walk around video of the ship with all the lights working.

The ship is not 100% complete as I still need to finish the interior, but here is a current pic:



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