One of the main things of this story needed was figuring out how many uniforms I need. I figured 25 male uniforms and 12 female uniforms should do the trick. This would enable me to put different uniform ranks on the various uniforms. The first impulse was to get some 12" Playmates Star Trek uniforms and use them (as I didn't sew). The figures will be either PowerTeam bodies or Dragon, so a test fit was needed.

Well, as you can see it's a tad bit baggy, not to mention the shirt is too yellow. Other problems were 1, Huge velcro seam down the back and 2, I'm not rich so how was I going to get 37 uniforms without mortgaging my house? This forced me to learn to sew. Buying a couple sewing books and doing some practicing, within a week I was fairly competent. Using the shirt pattern from the Franz Joseph Star Trek Encyclopedia, scaled it out and made my first shirt. Needless to say that didn't got to well.The shirt didn't fit. It was baggy in some areas and tight in others. 1/6 figures aren't true representations of 1:1 humans scaled down. I did some tweeking of the pattern and was able to come up with this:

Now of course you have to remove the head and hands to put the shirt on... what, you don't? This takes care of the seam problem. Now, I have to figure out how to make pants. This was a lot more difficult for me to figure out. After talking to some people and looking on the web and in books, I was ready to make the attempt. Using a pair of the Star Trek Playmates pants as my guide, this is my result:

Not too bad. After looking at them for a couple days, I felt something was wrong. looking at pictures of Trek pants and quickly realized the cuffs were way too big/long. Time to design new pants. Having to consider that the boots in use were the Dragon German jackboots (the boots aren't leg hugging). I wasn't about to go into the plastic casting business to make calf hugging boots (although I experimented with vinyl material). My feeble attempts just didn't look right, along with the pain of putting tight boots on an action figure. You pretty much had to sew them on. So the boots were going to be German Jackboots, period. Back to the drawing board. Finally coming up with this:

Tthe delta logos were done in Photoshop, printed out on gold paper and mounting them on thin styrene plastic. Cutting them out and painting the sides black. The final finish coat, was an ultra high gloss varnish.


up next will be the female uniforms....


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