1970 was the birth year for the Adventure Team, but its roots can be traced back to 1969 and "The Adventures of" line. The military version of GI Joe was coming to an end and Hasbro decided to make GI Joe into more of an Adventurer. That year they released five new figures, The Adventurer, Black Adventurer (2 styles), Aquanaut, and a Talking Astronaut. Hasbro again released the "Adventures of" line just before the reemergence of the modern Adventure Team (2000's). The original line had painted heads and for some they do not fit into the Adventure Team for the lack of life like hair but the modern team had life like hair and reproduced many of the classic 1970 Adventure Team sets. As these sets have the flair of adventuring, I want to include them here. Below is a list of sets the were produced under the title "Adventures of GI Joe".

Vintage sets:
Action Explorer
Adventure Locker
Astro Locker
Aqua Locker
Black Adventurer
Danger of the Depths
Eight Ropes of Danger
Fantastic Freefall
Fight for Survival
Hidden Missile Discovery
Mouth of Doom
Mysterious Explosion
Perilous Rescue
Secret Mission to Spy Island
Shark's Surprise
Spacewalk Mystery
Talking Astronaut

Modern Era:
Challenge at Hawk River
Save the Tiger
Peril of the Raging Inferno
Trouble at Prosperity Bank
Trouble at Coyote Crossing
Rescue the Pygmy Gorilla
Smoke Jumper Set