09/26/2015- Kraven The Hunter! My take on the classic Spider-Man villain from the "Grim Hunt" storyline.

09/04/2015- Check out my Deering Productions Facebook page. It is the companion to this website. My focus of the page will be on creativity in all of its forms along with what I am doing on my website. Check it out and please "like" it!


09/27/14- Get your exclusive first glimpse of Carl Butcher in "Set Up Man" before it hits Deeringproductions.com at Adventure Gear

09/13/14- For the first time in nearly ten years, Carl Butcher will return in a mini-adventure. Check with the Adventure Gear Facebook page for updates (LINK).

04/07/14- After updating Devil of the Woods, I am hoping to update Carl Butcher. It looks like I will be able to update only the first three episodes. Somewhere during a move back in 2006 the disc that contained all of my Carl pics was lost. Luckily I was able to locate an earlier disc that had the first three episodes in their original format. I will continue to try and locate the lost disc, but in the meantime I will update what I can.

04/03/14- If you have an action figure that has stains on it but can't figure out how to remove them. Here is a good product to use: Remove-zit.

03/31/14- Upcoming contest from Adventure Gear. Check it out (LINK)

03/24/14- Added more images and videos to the Adventure Team page.

03/11/14- Updating Devil of the Woods. Larger images and new graphics. Long overdue!

02/26/14- After quite a long hiatus, I have put the site back up. I will be going through the various pages and updating them. First will be the home page. There has been quite a lot of work done on the NCC-1700 page with the short story "The Launch". I have also added links to the Bridge and corridor construction along with the much anticipated shuttlecraft build. Enjoy!

07/19/13- You'll often see pics throughout the site of a small dog. That is my dog Hercules a Chihuahua mix. Sadly he recently lost his battle with cancer. He will be missed.

06/11/06- Aged Adventure Team...

03/11/06- There's a new locale to discuss the stories on this site or to share your own stories. You can find the link here.

11/11/05- Been going through some of my stuff the last few days, and I found what I think was my very first story. I created this I guess September of 2001. From time to time I would send Tom Calhoun @ Adventure Gear, PICS of pure silliness. This little story was one of those things. Don't expect much. I had no script, I just shot the PICS and wrote the story as I shot the photos. Look close, you'll notice a character who would become a star of his own story, Carl Butcher. I proud.. present.. um... Here it is:

The Not So Great Escape!

11/07/05- One of my favorite superhero's is Captain Marvel. Frankly, I don't know why. Maybe he's human. Maybe because he can kick the tar out of Superman. I don't know. When I found the Alex Ross Kingdom Come figures and especially Capt. Marvel. I had to shoot a pic of it. Here's my tribute to SHAZAM!

10/26/05- Wow! An update!! Probably thought I fell off the face of the earth! Lot of things going on. The new bridge for NCC-1700 is nearly complete. you can see some pics here. The new set is 90% done, just a few details left. I have to give a big thanks to Ron Meyer who designed the new bridge station view screens. He did a fantastic job! Thanks Ron! Deering Productions is going through some major changes in November. All for the good. I'll post more details when they are complete. These changes are the main reason for me being so quiet the last few months. I appreciate the patience, and please check back for updates.

08/19/05- Thanks to Tom Calhoun @ Adventure Gear, The original Carl Butcher Flash Movies are back up and runnimg. Thanks Tom!

03/20/05- Star Trek bridge set wins for best Diorama at Joe-Lanta! (Click here to view)

12/31/04- Here's how I mount 1/6 scale custom heads on Power Team bodies.12/

11/17/04- Updated the splash page, and as you've notice a place has been marked for my next story Called "Star Trek NCC-1700". I'll post updates and preview pictures from that location. If you hadn't noticed, the "Hey Joe" section hasn't been updated in a while. I'm in the process of revamping that part of this site, so please bear with me while the changes are made. Thanks!

08/22/04- Aliens have invaded the world, mankind is on the brink of extinction. The fate of the world is in the hands of one person. Can her skills keep her alive? Will her ammo hold out? Today she makes her

"Last Stand."

08/09/04- Just an update on Carl Butcher's "The Hitter" Part 8. Blame me for the delay! The real world has delayed the final part of Carl's first adventures. Hopefully the episode will be up very shortly. Along with more "Hey Joe's ",Thanks for your patience!

07/15/04- I've added a new section for computer backgrounds.

06/01/04- Deering productions has surpassed the 300,000 hit mark. THANK YOU for your support!

05/08/2004- I've been updating the main pages for each story/department. The main goal is to make each area easier to navigate while keeping a neat, clean look.

05/07/2004- I've added a couple of links to additional Non-Deering stories area. Stop by and check them out. Please, if you know of any 1/6 stories that are out there and I do not have the links, drop me a note and send me the link so I can add it . There are so many enjoyable stories out there lets make sure everyone can enjoy them! Thanks!

05/03/2004- Here's a sneak preview of a story in the works. Check back for more cast PICS!

003/31/2004- In a little over two months this site has surpassed the 200,000 hit mark! I would like to thank everyone for their support!


03/12/2004 - PC users can open up their browser windows by hitting the F11 button on your keyboard. This makes it easier to view the pictures on smaller monitors, avoiding the need to scroll up and down to view a PIC.

03/12/2004- Welcome to Deering Productions website.